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 The European Commission called recently on the European Council to take urgent action to secure a better quality of life for present and future generations.  This requires sustained economic growth, which supports social progress and respects the environment, a social policy, which underpin economic performance, and a cost-effective environmental policy.

 Announcing the strategy, European Commission President Romano Prodi said: “Sustainable development is not a choice. It's an imperative. We must do everything possible, even if this means making some sacrifices during the period of change and transition. What is at stake is leaving our children, grandchildren and future generations a world worth living in, with a more just society and a healthy, clean environment. This is a duty in which we must not fail.”

Global Sustainability is a Norwegian based strategic management consultancy, primarily focusing on sound and sustainable business development through foresighted and knowledgeable market mechanisms, i.e. we believe that companies who integrate industrial ecology, commercial performance and corporate social responsibility (3-D) will be the winning business in the future.

Global Sustainability believes that this can be achieved by stimulating corporate social and environmental responsibilities through targeted investment analysis. Investors and market players who have access to updated, independent and credible information about the companies’ 3-D performance will have the best return of their money. Global Sustainability uses their own toolbox and indicators for the evaluation and assessment of the 3-D industrial performance and benchmarks the best in each branch. Investors, NGOs and stakeholders will have access to continuously updated information through newsletters and on-line information.

Our strength as a consultancy is due to leading competence on ecological sound industrial technology, delivered through our partner which is one Europe’s leading independent industrial research organisations, and our understanding of current and emerging sustainability issues and of stakeholder perceptions. 

The companies who accept their full responsibilities for the development of a sustainable future and implement the 3-D strategy will be the winning businesses of the future.

The relations between the three dimensions of sustainable development, economy, ecology and social sustainability should always be taken into account in new projects. This enables companies and the society to simultaneously pursue economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity.

A large part of the world's population lives in poverty, first of all due to unemployment. To achieve a global sustainable development, sound and meaningful job opportunities have to be created in developing countries. One of the business areas of Global Sustainability will be to develop small and medium scale businesses in developing countries. 



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